Saturday, January 22, 2011

All About Hair

 This was what I used to say when I would give team-building workshops in the past: relationships are like hair – it takes so much more time and effort to grow it than to cut.  
Bear with my silliness on this but I recently came to other hair-inspired thoughts as I was obsessing about something I wanted to do with my mane:

Lice can only thrive on our locks if we let them.  Taking these parasites as people who suck our happiness and energy or who give us crap, we have to realize that their presence in our lives is so only if we let them.
Our hair may look shiny and styled but upon closer scrutiny, reveals damage and unhealthiness of the strands.  We can be very conscious of superficial things but we may be neglecting what’s really essential and basic.  Sometimes, we may even sacrifice what we really are on the inside with how we look on the outside.
Put whatever product and do all kinds of service on our hair, but at the end of it all, it’s still just hair.  We may have accomplished many things, we may be adorned with so much of our possessions, we may be educated…but basically, we simply remain to be persons.
No matter how ugly or unsatisfying our hair has come to, it will always grow and have a chance to be re-styled.  Even if we made gazillions of mistakes and booboos in our lives, we always have a chance to move out of them and still make something good of the past.
We have the hair that’s borne to us but at the same time we choose how we make that hair contribute to our over-all appearance.  We all have our givens in life – our family, our looks, our innate skills – but what we do to what we were allowed at the start can only be determined by us and they will make an impact on the ends we want to accomplish in the way that we will make them.
Our hair can keep on growing without necessarily becoming more beautiful or stylish.  As we continue to breathe, we exist.  But continuous existence doesn’t necessarily equal meaning and relevance.
Hair can only be appreciated in the context of a face or a head it belongs to.  Simply put, no person is an island.

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